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Health and Safety

The health and safety of student-athletes is a primary concern of Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS). An appropriate health and safety program is a two-way street. Schools as well as parents and student-athletes must be cognizant of and must exercise fundamental health and safety practices.It is mandatory that students and parents review the health and safety guidelines and information. Parents and students must affix their signature on the Student-Parent Participation Contract and Parent Permission Form indicating that they have reviewed and understand the health and safety information that MCPS has provided.

Athletes must submit a complete Pre-participation Physical Evaluation Form, (MCPS Form SRS-8) to participate on an interscholastic team.  The information on the Pre-participation Physical Evaluation form is valid for one year from the date of the physical.  (For middle school students, the information is valid for two years from the date of the physical.)  A list of Clinics that offer Sports Physicals within the Montgomery County area is available online.

Athletes must also submit a completed Emergency Medical Card, (MCPS Form 560-30) to participate on an interscholastic team. The information must include a designated emergency contact in addition to the parents or guardians.

Student-Athlete Powerpoint

All schools will present a power point presentation to student-athletes on or prior to the first day of practice. Details of this presentation are available at the local school.

Standard Health and Safety Documents

Parents and student-athletes are required to review the documents in the following five health and safety information sections.