Panthers News · 2020-2021 Panther Coaching Staff

Paint Branch is proud to introduce the “Coaching Line-up” for the 2020-2021 school year. Each and everyone of our coaches is dedicated to the educational sports program. While winning championships is everyone’s goal, developing strong character, work ethic, leadership, and teamwork are the pillars for our foundation of Panther Athletics! (Click on the name to email a coach)

Fall Season:

Cross Country –  Mark Anderson

Asst. Cross Country  – Dessalyn Dillard 

Varsity Field Hockey – Giovanni Gordon

JV Field Hockey – Kelly Krizmanich

Head Football – Mike Nesmith

Head JV FootballTracy Martin

Assistant Football – Myron Flowers, Donyell Blackwell, Chuck Smith,  Gilbert Granados

Coed Varsity Golf – Greg Jolles

Boys Varsity Soccer – Jeffrey Myers

Boys JV SoccerKwame Dickson

Girls Varsity Soccer – Jeannette Smith

Girls JV Soccer George Keagle

Girls Varsity Volleyball – Noelee Wishart

Girls JV Volleyball – Tim Gilchrist

Varsity Poms Shanika Rawlings

Varsity Cheerleading – Alexis Pumphrey

JV Cheerleading – Tracy Powell and Kristie Belt

Winter Season:

Boys Varsity Basketball –Chris Bohlen

Boys JV Basketball Clyde Lawrence

Girls Varsity Basketball – Jo Knight

Girls JV Basketball – Ashleigh Council

Varsity Swimming & Diving – Samantha MillmanKelley Hill

Indoor Track – Dessalyn Dillard 

Asst Indoor Track – Mark Anderson  & Stacey Whitlock

Varsity Wrestling – Jack Warner

JV Wrestling Jonathan Booker

Varsity Poms – Shanika Rawlings

Varsity Unified Bocce Kieran Lally & Mike Reynolds

Varsity Cheerleading – Alexis Pumphrey

Spring Season:

Varsity Allied SoftballMike Reynolds

Varsity Baseball – Casey Jensen

JV Baseball – JC Corkran

Varsity Boys Lacrosse Greg Jolles

JV Boys Lacrosse – Shawn Logan

Varsity Girls Lacrosse – Jeannette Smith

JV Girls Lacrosse – Nikki Williams

Varsity Softball Gary FookesAlison Krizmanich

JV Softball – Deirdre Coyoy

Varsity Boys Tennis – Jonathan Porter

Varsity Girls  Tennis – Danielle Gourdine

Outdoor Track & Field – Dessalyn Dillard 

Asst Track & Field – Mark Anderson , Stacey Whitlock  & Alvin Pridgeon

Varsity Boys Volleyball – Noelee Wishart

Varsity Coed VolleyballTim Gilchrist